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Insurance and Billing Information

Many patients have health insurance policies that offer coverage for mental health services; these plans are structured in all sorts of ways, with widely varying deductible amounts, “approved” fees, limits and so forth.  Further, insurance companies handle mental health claims differently than other medical claims.  Dr. Nickoloff’s model is that the patient and doctor agree on a fee at the beginning of treatment, and the patient (or responsible party) is responsible for that amount, independent of the actions of the insurance company.  Monthly statements are mailed to the patient, and payment is expected at that time.

Dr. Nickoloff’s office offers the convenience of electronic submission of insurance claims, usually within a few days of the session, so turnaround is fast.  He is eligible for reimbursement from most commercial insurance companies (however not Medicare/Medicaid or HMOs) as a “non-participating” or “out of network” provider.  Reimbursement may either be sent to the patient or the doctor, depending on the policies of the individual company.  Out of network provider status may result in larger out of pocket expenses, however confidentiality is fully maintained and continuation of the treatment is not at the whim of a telephone “case manager” who has never met the patient.

Insurance coverage has become complicated.  Please feel free to discuss any insurance issues or questions with Dr. Nickoloff directly.  If affording treatment is contingent on a certain amount of insurance contribution, he encourages you to research the details of your policy with your insurance company directly before therapy is underway.

A more detailed description of Office Policies is available here.

You may save time by downloading a Patient Registration Form here and bringing it with you to the first session.


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