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Dr. Steven Nickoloff works with a wide range of businesses, organizations and professionals where his expertise in understanding individual psychology and relationship dynamics can be of practical benefit.  Psychoanalytic Consulting can add value, for example, by resolving workplace conflicts, increasing efficiencies, informing negotiations, improving litigation strategy, facilitating contentious divorces, and many others.

Dr. Nickoloff’s experience and expertise is primarily in the following areas:

Nickoloff-Birmingham-Psychiatrist-002Organizations and Family Businesses/Small Businesses:

The structure of organizations tends to elicit unconscious parent-child dynamics between superiors and subordinates, and sibling dynamics between colleagues.  In family businesses, where Dr. Nickoloff has frequently consulted, these factors are intensified.  When personality conflicts and “difficult employees” are understood psychoanalytically, many workplace entanglements can be resolved, increasing productivity and organizational morale, and reducing employee turnover and litigation.  Succession planning can become smoother and more rational.  Psychological testing and focused techniques for more effective communication may also utilized.  Typically an intervention with a work group takes place over several months, although sometimes a one-time consultation and assessment are utilized.  Consultation may take place in Dr Nickoloff’s office, in the workplace, or some combination; on-site assessment is typically beneficial in understanding context and “corporate culture”.  Individual assessment and treatment may at times be recommended.

Legal: Consultation to Attorneys, Mediation, Psychiatric/Forensic Evaluations

In the practice of law parties are routinely in conflict, and the legal system typically provides effective means of resolution.  However, when parties are in a state of high stress or agitation, or when one or more parties has a psychological or emotional disturbance, negotiations may become protracted, inefficient and frustrating for all.  Using Dr. Nickoloff as a consultant or mediator can result in a clarification and resolution of these issues, resulting in improved litigation strategy and generally allowing the wheels of justice to turn in a more orderly fashion.  Psychiatric or personality assessment of parties in litigation may be done informally or forensically, depending on the specific scenario.

Divorce Mediation:

Divorces often become highly emotionally charged, which can lead to decisions and court action being based more on agitation than logic, thus protracted negotiations, higher cost, and emotional distress to the parties and their children.  This is particularly the case when significant psychological issues or distress are preexisting.  Typically Dr. Nickoloff works with a couple as a mediator, assessing the areas of conflict both psychologically and substantively (money and parenting time being the most common); many of the techniques useful in Couples Therapy are equally beneficial when then couple is divorcing.  Improving communication, resolving conflicts and finding areas of common interest usually leads to “win-win” solutions. As he functions as an impartial intermediary (Dr. Nickoloff is not expert in the law), each party utilizes their own family law attorney to assure interests are protected and advise on legal/technical matters. As in other types of consultation and mediation, referral for individual therapy may be indicated and recommended.


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